The Music Klub delivers creative educational, training and motivational programs to support young people’s personal development and career progression. Located in London, we embed our service delivery in local communities in South London and Kent, namely Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham, Croydon, and Gillingham. Our services focus on supporting young people who are disengaged from society including those influenced by negative pressures such as knife crime, anti-social behavioural, substance misuse, gang involvement to re-engage positively in the community.


MVC Intervention @ Francis Barber PRU, Wandsworth, London 

We are currently delivering our Music vs Crime program to students at Francis Barber. The goal of the curriculum is to re-engage students in mainstream education through music and artistic activities.

The project aims to create a sense of purpose, self-importance and the correct level of trust that is translated to the practice of life and the engagement of everyday people.  The program will encourage long-term positive identity branding and growth, good interpersonal skills, assisting each student to recognize the importance of the future and reassert a sense of hope for their enrolment in further education. Through creating music, our group can learn the meaning of social interaction and how to communicate with different demographics. Creating a better life filled with greater opportunities and creating new opportunities that will contribute to the development of these young people.

MVC intervention @ Harris Academy, Peckham, London


At present, our MVC (Music vs Crime) program is being delivered to a group of students who plan to use their artistic creativity as a career in the future. The group has also encountered a number of negative incidents that have had an impact on their school performance. 

Each student is at high risk of developing strong affiliations with gang-related and anti-social activity and is currently influenced by the musical content they consume. The goal of the Music VS Crime initiatives is to reduce the rate of young people attracting idle minds, which can potentially undermine their identity and psychologically dissuade them from achieving it.

MVC Youth Project @ Woodlands Youth Centre, Gillingham Kent 

We are currently delivering a rolling 10-week program in collaboration with Medway Council at the woodlands youth centre in Gillingham, Kent.


The project teaches young people the essential formulas and core practices to becoming a successful musician. Focusing on the tips and tricks of the trade such as music history, culture, theory, and music production.  Also looking at technical installations, composition, beat matching, scratching, crowd interaction and music frequencies. As technology advances into a digital error we plan to teach teenagers about the historical errors of music, detailing how technology has influenced the art and made it more accessible for anyone who has a passion for music to start a career.

Be Inspired @ Woodland Youth Centre, Gillingham, Kent​

The ‘Be inspired' is a rolling four-week initiative in conjunction with the Medway Council which focuses on inspiring young people between the ages of 16 and 19 who have been disadvantaged and are not educated in creative skills that prepare them for the future. The program builds trust and self-esteem through musical activities and assignments that slowly enable each student to communicate with each other. The project will build a positive social environment that will provide a powerful forum for young people to collectively acquire skills that will ensure a better life.

Music Development @ Alchemy School, Teynham, Kent


We are delivering minds and melodies which is a rolling six-week program aimed at students who are often referred to as ‘vulnerable ‘. This is an accredited program by ASDAN (Expressive Arts)


This program helps learners develop practical art skills, as well as personal, social and work-related skills.  Participants will gain sufficient knowledge of the tips and tricks, such as music history, culture, iconic influencers, evolution, and theory.  It will also provide a further understanding of the importance of composition, song identity, beat-matching, crowd interaction, and sound frequency.


MVC Program @ New Horizons, Bexley, Kent


We are currently delivering an accredited 6-week course, focused on the impact of young people's music and discussing the adverse effects it has on the mind. The goal of the MVC program is to engage and change the frequency of students who are accustomed to negative events that influence how they look at society.


Music Development @ Churchill Gardens Youth Centre, London


In collaboration with the Metropolitan Police, our workshops aim to provide creative support and guidance to individuals in the pursuit of understanding how artistic methods work in relation to their lives. It is our aim to provide an interactive experience, to stimulate the thought process of participants who wish to gain awareness of the arts. This task will provide the community with a variety of transferable skills. Young people will have an understanding of the production of music and the transitions in history to this point.


The group will understand the different frequencies that young people are reacting against the different environments in which music is played. The group will also have increased confidence in the selection of music for people of different age groups. Members of our group will have a greater understanding and appreciation of the influence that music has on people and how it can be used to communicate and express themselves confidently.




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