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  the soul vs self


Our programme provides a variety of music-based interventions aimed at increasing children and young people's confidence and emotional stability. We intend to assist participants in reconstructing their minds by establishing the fundamentals required for effective relationships that support the physical, psychological, and social well-being of children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We hope to provide an effective platform for children and young people to use music to manage their mental health by teaching participants coping mechanisms and how to respond appropriately in stressful situations.


Through a series of workshops, we plan to redirect and restore positive messages to the core through a series of music-based techniques. Together with the help of each participant, we will establish a transparent platform that empowers children and young people to analyse, visualize and manifest their dreams and aspirations by unlocking the traditional barriers that prevent them from falling behind.

Chords: This practice focuses on the chords and sound frequencies that correspond with moods, thoughts and feelings. Lead by instrumentation to treat the mind of each participant based on their responses to chord frequencies. There are a range of games and engagement strategies attached to this practice.  

The Drum: Drum accentuates the use of synchronised drum reactions to express frequencies that can lie dormant in the body. We execute a series of rhythm sequences using bongo and conga drums, generating signals to re-activate or interact with body frequencies, triggering positive feelings and a good feeling.


Mind Mapping: The activity integrates illustrative and art techniques to create artistic pieces that demonstrate how to achieve positive solutions to negative consistencies. We want to empower participants with new and innovative formulas to construct artistic pieces that will raise awareness in the community. Each participant will learn how to deliver significant illustrations that symbolise ‘key representations’ of their environment using pens pencils, paints and digital illustrators

LBB: Let the beat build is about engaging with groups of young people to address barriers that prevent them from learning. Incorporating music production and digital recording with a view to capturing vocal inspiration. The goal of the workshop is to build character and trust through practical tasks such as melodic tones, improvisation, music theory, role play and singing.

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