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trading faces




'Trading Faces' is an intervention project about using music to manage your mental health and using a variety of practises and approaches to strengthen your thinking and establish effective coping mechanisms to overcome spells of depression and anxiety. It will teach young people how to understand themselves and how to utilise music to revitalise and refresh their mental health.


The project will provide a platform for young people to express themselves freely and will liberate them from the mental shackles that society may impose by dictating their every action. We have carefully established a variety of successful tactics that include the use of music in order to manage and provide answers to prevalent mental health issues among young people. We recognise that music can have a positive impact on one's mental health. It can help us reduce stress, manage pain, sleep better, enhance motivation, improve our mood, and minimise depressive symptoms. Certain types of music have a natural potential to relieve stress, whether played in the background or with your full concentration.

Music provides calming stimuli for the mind, which can prevent and redirect your thoughts in order to alleviate tension. In addition to its entertaining appeal, music is recognised to have great good impacts on our brain. Music, in particular, has the power to impact our actions, feelings, and thoughts. Each participant will get an Arts Award in recognition of their creative growth and leadership abilities. We intend to take advantage of this occasion to demonstrate the power of positive thinking and the impact it can have on your life and community. We will collaborate with participants to develop Personal Impact Plans, which will include defining achievable goals and identifying the positive impact of each goal on the individual and the community.

We have spoken with a number of people in the music industry who have volunteered to aid the project by sharing their own tales about their journeys and how they managed to transform negatives into positives, as well as assisting with the running of some of the workshops.



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