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tuition Services

We offer a variety of instrument tuition services to assist children and young people in learning new instruments, improving academic performance, and expanding their learning experiences. This is especially true for students studying music for GCSE or A Level, as well as children and young people who want to learn the basics of music for future endeavours. Depending on the delivery requirements, all services can be provided on a mobile scale, one-to-one, or in schools, institutions, and other flexible settings.


Students and participants in our sessions must repeat and recognise word enunciation, pitch, and tone. Music has a direct impact on how well children and young people, especially young ones, learn words, speak them correctly, and process the numerous new sounds they hear from others. We concentrate on using the language of music while advancing the fundamental development of music literature, fundamental recording, and fundamental sound development. ​


The human body gains from learning to play an instrument in a variety of cognitive and physical ways, as well as how it supports and feeds the brain. Songs can help young minds retain information because music, according to extensive research and demonstration, helps the left side of the brain develop both cognitive and muscle memory. Learning a musical instrument also improves memory. In general, music supports the restoration of harmony and balance in one's life. Learning an instrument gives children and young people a creative and emotional outlet.

We offer flexible tuition services on the following instruments:

- Piano/Keyboard

- Guitar 

- Drums 

- Saxophone

- Violin 

- Trumpet 

- African Drums 


 - Music Production Programs (logic Pro X & Ableton Live)

-  DJ 


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