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Over the years, we've had the chance to participate in a range of successful interactions with young people that have advanced to some excellent achievement. In multiple schools, colleges, and youth-focused settings, the following people were engaged in Music Klub initiatives.




Bruno is a multitalented musician as he is an artist, DJ and also runs his own DJ Company 'The Boombox'. His passions for music lead him to convert his bedroom to a recording studio, were he records and produces his music. He has also completed a course in Music Technology at Canterbury College and received his first Diploma and Award. Bruno has also won the U.K Zim Award best Artist of the year 2010, 2011, and 2013.

A prominent resident of Ashford, Kent where young aspiring musicians look to Bruno for inspiration and desire to follow in his footsteps. As a mean of showing gratitude and appreciation of the support he has received in his music career, Bruno attempts to give back to the community by helping run a youth club where he helps young pupils with their music ambitions by teaching them how to Dj and compose music.




Formally a student of Carshalton Academy, Tyler West is a versatile talent with many strings to his bow, from featuring as a guest presenter, to hosting his own show on national television, he is a young creative who has rocketed in the industry as quickly as he has been introduced to it. 

In 2017 Tyler became the host of MTV News, a childhood dream covering entertainment and trending news on a weekly basis. From hosting backstage at Wireless Festival to creating deep dive mini-documentaries. Here he's been able to showcase his skills of conveying a message about some of his many passion areas.


Continuing to make a presence in the digital space, he became one of the leading presenters on the LEGO YouTube network to over 6.5million subscribers. 

Maintaining his passion for music from school he continued to DJ at various private venues in and around London releasing his mixes online ( 2019 See's him performing at various KISSTORY events around the UK and party hotspots abroad




Formally a student of Carshalton Academy Sterling has progressed through the industry heading up UK TV within Synch at Sony Music for the past 2 years. Being responsible for pitching Sony artists from around the world and constantly creating/pitching playlists for briefs received from TV production companies and broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, etc.) has allowed me to secure hundreds of synchs throughout my time at Sony.


In parallel with this, Sterling has given numerous talks/masterclasses at different music colleges/universities at various campuses, including The Academy of Contemporary Music and Notting Hill Academy of Music



Hailing from Ashford, Fennie has been a musical favorite in his community. Graduated from Kent University with a 1st class honors in Music Technology. Fennie has performed on the same stage a Jason Deriliuo, Lethal-B, and Example. 


And at this moment Fennie is hard at work on a lot of collaborations with various artists. This year has seen him release singles 'Elsa' and 'Waves', which has streamed over 70,000 times. 




Born in East London, Jae5 is a producer who is most notably recognized for his work with J Hus.

Jae5 started producing around 10 years ago when he moved back to Ghana, using Fruity Loops software to create beats which were influenced heavily by Afro Beats - a natural influence from his musical and cultural surroundings in Ghana and Hip hop. 

Jae5 took the lead with the production of J Hus’ hugely successful 17-track album ‘Common Sense,’ which is certified Gold in the UK and peaked at number 6 in the UK album chart. 



Just twenty-three years old but with a lifetime of experiences already under her belt, London singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer Serine Karthage is an artist who unquestionably occupies her own, very distinct lane. She makes music that’s unmistakably the product and sound of the UK’s inner-city, but with the potential to reach around the globe.


Serine Karthage has described herself as a ‘human cartoon’. In some respects, this description is totally on point. Larger-than-life, unfiltered, rebellious, a natural centre of attention and irresistibly fun to be around, she’s multiple personalities in one: creased in hysterical laughter one minute, deep and spiritual the next, distracted and fidgety seconds later.   

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