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Piano Keys


The Music Klub provides artistic education, training and mentoring programmes for children and young people between the ages of 12 and 23 to support personal and career development, enabling them to make meaningful decisions in support of their aspirations. Our framework provides a wide variety of music therapy-based programmes designed to develop trust and improve the mental health of young people suffering from behavioural challenges, cognitive issues and social-emotional disorders that impair their ability to learn or engage with school. Located across London, our services are primarily delivered using high-tech studios and workshop spaces fitted with recording and video equipment used to facilitate our delivery. Recognising the importance of delivering person centred services, we also embed our programmes within the heart of local communities by working in partnership with local youth hubs, community centres and schools and colleges in Central London, Greater London and Medway by co-locating and developing referral pathways to encourage seamless joined up support and delivery for young people.

 The Music Klub has developed robust assessment and support plans to support young people to identify their needs and barriers to learning/employment and track their progression aligned to their chosen outcomes which are utilised to develop tailored performance reporting and KPIs reflecting our service. The key elements of the personalised action plan include;


• Identifying young people’s current circumstances

• Future plans

• Agreed support programme with detailed SMART goals

• Identifying any other known support services

• Review dates to track progress and identify any challenges which may occur

We utilise the Outcome Star tool enabling us to monitor and track distance travelled for young people to provide the most appropriate level of support, including 1:1 intensive support, to achieve personal positive outcomes. All information is collated and updated into our database to create monthly monitoring reports. The KPIs are reviewed at monthly team meetings where opportunities for improvement and best practise are identified, ensuring continuous development, addressing underperformance and understanding trends to improve delivery. In 2018/19, we worked with 176 young people, achieving the following outcomes:





We continue to contact and track young people progress up to 9 months after successfully leaving programmes to provide any additional support, motivation and encouragement to reach the point where they are able to act as ambassadors of positive-thinking, inspiring other young people to get involved in future projects in the community.

We value young people feedback and ensure their views are taken into consideration in developing and improving our service by:


• promoting our Young People Evaluation Form - at the end of each session participants are encouraged to complete a feedback form, evaluating service delivery, if the session was useful and ideas to improve the programme.

• providing Comment boxes  at all delivery centres to encourage any feedback

• planning quarterly group feedback sessions involving young people and staff




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