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The Music Klub provides education, training and mentoring programmes for young people, in particular, supporting hard to reach groups including young people at risk of disengaging and/or disengaged with education, training and employment, ex-offenders and young people from disadvantaged environments. 


Established in 2009, we deliver positive, engaging workshops and short courses for young people to support their education and employment skills needs. Recognizing that young people are inspired by the creative arts and media industries, our programmes embed innovative, cutting-edge social media and creative platforms designed to engage and promote social inclusion and expression whilst developing essential skills, knowledge, and self-esteem to support their career development.  Our core aims include:


  • Assisting young people to develop their confidence and self-esteem to access education, training or employment in the wider community.​

  • Promoting positive mentoring schemes that facilitate advice and guidance forums designed to meet their social needs​

  • Developing creative, innovative programmes to support and inspire young people in their development and preparation for further education and employment 

  • Working in partnership with the local community including schools, colleges, social services, and community groups to provide holistic support for young people


Our Partners 

The Beatklub
Hive and Seek
Lewisham Council
Kingston Council
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Kent Council
Arts Council
Ashford Borough Council
Small Green Shoots
Lesco College
Croydon Council
Metropolitan Housing
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