The Music Klub provides education, training and mentoring programmes for children and young people, in particular, supporting hard to reach groups including young people at risk of disengaging and/or disengaged with education, training and employment, ex-offenders and young people from disadvantaged environments. 

The Music Klub has a fantastic team of consultants and delivery specialists drawn from all walks of music education including; Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Composers and Instrumentalists and Music Programming Specialists

Richard Aikins

A visionary musician with a lifelong passion for song and sound, an overview of Richard's career illustrates a passion underpinned by his ongoing learning, and desire to teach others.

In particular, Richard’s agile leadership and strong interpersonal skills were proven to be an essential element of his success at this stage in his career. Furthermore, Richard's dedication and capacity to achieve leading results in each role foreshadowed the direction his career would take in its next chapter.  

Terance Smith

Terance is an established member of The Music Klub team, bringing his unique style and humorous approach to our network.


Terance has worked for the prison services Headquarters in HR pay and policies. After 8 years climbing the ladder to management he went on to support young people into education at Lambeth College, delivering empowerment sessions and short courses designed to enable participants to prosper and grow. Terance continues to deliver lively energetic presentations and workshops by seeking to guide and inspire young people.

Judith Fonseka

Judith brings her extreme creativity and passion for the development of children and young people. Over the past 4 years, she has devoted much of her time to assisting children’s education and as a mentor in the creative arts and personal development. she likes to spend a good deal of her time improving the lives of others by providing them with skills in and engendering their interest in the craft of music. She also assists children key stage 2 to 3 with reading difficulties to develop and bring up to standard their level of reading skills.  

Shelly-Ann Lynne

Using her first-hand experience of the criminal justice system, Shelley has successfully dedicated my career to mentoring and inspiring young people and ex-offenders. Shelley has also programmes that build confidence, desist from crime and promote unity among young adults and communities.


Shelley is a firm believer that every person can reach their full potential if they have a strong sense of identity and the confidence to problem solve when barriers appear.  

James Sackey

James is a committed support worker specialising in music mentoring and creative job strategies. Hailing from South London, James offers specialty support and a wealth of passion to children and young people.

​James has a wealth of experience and a strong history of working in the vocational training and coaching sector. Skilled in Support, Coaching, Leadership Development, Teaching, and a desire to inspire young people, whether in teaching, mentoring or pastoral care. Helping young people make their own path to success.

Micheal Angelo

Micheal is a dedicated attribute to The Music Klub, he provides a range of support and guidance with a keen interest in poetry and spoken word. 


Furthermore, young aspiring musicians look to Micheal for inspiration and desire to follow in his footsteps. As a mean of showing gratitude and appreciation of the support he has received in his career, Micheal attempts to give back to the community by helping run a youth club where he helps young pupils with their music ambitions by teaching them how to creatively articulate themselves for professional endeavors.

Meagan Wardropper

Meagan has a great passion for music as much as her love for getting involved with anything creative. Having the chance to write music for up and coming filmmakers has been a fantastic experience as has creating songs to specific briefs. Meagan has considerable experience in composition in many styles and genres, as well as in recording, mixing and production skills. Currently working as a musician, pianist and guitarist. She has a strong understanding of using virtual instruments to create authentic sounds and parts that have been performing in various bands, ensembles and groups over the past 8 years.

Meagan also has the experience of leading a community of musicians as well as leading children and young people in artistic activities, believing that music is a vital tool for improving social skills , knowledge, empathy and confidence, and that it also leads to improved mental health and greater self-esteem.

Adam Aginilleri

A confident music technologist with over 10 years of producing, audio mixing and radio experience. Composed an extensive catalogue, releasing over 100 House music tracks and two albums. Remixed official tracks for artists such as Katy B, Kyla, Big Nasty and Donaeo. Strong knowledge of varying digital audio workstation software's i.e. Logic Pro, Studio One, Reason, Ableton and Pro Tools. Has set up a record label called House Keys Records. Has produced music compositions that have been featured on record labels such as Hed Kandi, Pure Garage, Rinse FM, Island Records and Ministry of Sound. Collaborated with a variety of record labels across the world under the music name ‘Klevakeys' as a music producer and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon.


Dedicated to building positive lifelong relationships with diverse individuals in the industry