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Our workshops aim to provide creative support and guidance to individuals in the pursuit of understanding how artistic practices work in relation to their lives. We intend to provide an innovative experience, uplifting the thought process of participants who wish to gain knowledge of the arts.

The workshop focuses on key elements required to create compositions and develop ideas using software-based platforms such as Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and FL Studio. It explores the fundamentals of creating music for film, TV, documentaries, and commercial use. It is highly suitable for students studying towards a music qualification (GCSE, A-Level, BTEC, Arts Award).


The workshop provides participants with the essential techniques and strategies to complete production to a high standard.

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Performing Music is an interactive workshop that is focused on teaching participants performance techniques that will enhance their stage presence. The workshop will incorporate influences from contemporary and traditional artists, extracting effective performance tactics to increase the confidence and self-esteem of each participant.

Participants will explore a range of direct concepts and methodologies designed to enhance their performance, such as vocal practices, breathing exercises, and body movement.

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DJ is an interactive workshop for potential DJ’s, presenters, podcasters, and performers. The workshop will cover the technical formulas involved when interacting with a range of audiences, enabling participants to develop a clear understanding of all processes and procedures.


Participants will gain sufficient knowledge of the tips and tricks, such as music history, culture, iconic influencers, evolution, and theory.  It will also provide a further understanding of the importance of composition, song identity, beat-matching, crowd interaction and sound frequency.​

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Confident Me is a workshop about planning your ambition, teaching participants how to plan routes and career paths to achieve their chosen ambition. We will study 10 influential role models from a range of creative strands in our environment. We will identify the routes, directions, and decisions that these people employed to effect change while examining where they came from, what their main influences were, and most importantly, how they tackled obstacles along their journey.

Using a simple goal-setting technique, participants will list five goals for each opportunity, and develop the necessary steps to achieving this. We will explore the fear factors of taking opportunities, and look at ways to overcome these boundaries.

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The workshop aims to focus on the impact that contemporary music has on individuals and examine the identity trends connected to different types of music.

We will explore the common behavior patterns, both before and after listening to contemporary pieces of music and examine the immediate vibrational effects, perceptions, and stereotypes related to different genres. 

Our intention is to devise solutions that will allow participants to connect, communicate and bond through understanding how the different genres are composed, and study the scientific role it has on individuals from different demographics.

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