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The Positive Impact Project

The basis of “The Positive Impact Project” is entailed in a cutting edge, comprehensive program, which will give young people hands on experience producing music related media, as well as giving them an insight into behind-the-scenes roles within the music and media industry. The aim is to expose young people to art forms as well as industries, which will expand their mind set at the same time as enabling them to acquire new skills.

“The Positive Impact Project” will bring young people together to create a media package, which will serve as a form of expression, a learning process and an outlet for the young people but will also be a viable product for the music and media industry

YP Focused Objectives

  • To foster and develop increased learning and development opportunities for young people by encouraging and supporting them to contribute, steer initiatives and lead their own youth-led projects.

  • To build strong relationships with organisations that share our aims, thereby further increasing the capacity of young people to build on their skills and aptitudes for their own personal growth and their community’s long term success and development

  • To generate in young people a sense of responsibility and ownership for the actions they undertake and to develop their citizenship and involvement in their communities.

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