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Advice for Artist's

We often get asked ‘how' to become a successful artist from the work we do with young people. The stages below outlines the requirements needed to establish a presence in the competition. To become an artist or to lead a life of creativity in order to strive to be successful person requires the following steps outlined in this document.

Each phase requires your full undivided effort to execute the stage.

Stage one: Write a plan....

Plans will include everything you need to need to do, tasks you need to do and things you want to do. Even sending a text to a person who may be contributing to your journey is important. Write everything down on a piece of paper, your phone, post-it notes, on your wall, anywhere you can see as a daily reminder.

Yes, we know plans can change, it’s up to you to stay on track. JUST WRITE IT DOWN!

Stage two: Sustainability

Getting into the creative industry is highly competitive as there is no standardised checklist for success. There are many jobs and career paths to sustain achievements that will help you to fund ‘being an artist.' As you may be aware, there is a long list of costs associated with being an artist. Such expenses can be incurred by recording music, music videos, artwork, subscriptions and advertising to name a few. Sadly, such expenses are a permanent fixture for those who want to pursue a career. So it may be wise to secure a steady income before planning your next step.

Stage three: Budget

Your budget is a direct byproduct of your sustainability. Achieving sustainability will allow you to offset some of your spending on activities that will help your career move in the right direction when it comes to making things happen. This phase is crucial and will most likely predict how effective and consistent you may or may not be. Please, ladies and gentlemen, put a price on everything you intend to do because both are free unless you prefer to trade.

Stage four: Market Research + promotion

Probably the most important stage of your plan and should also include market research. This is the most decisive stage in understanding whether or not you have a future in becoming an artist. It is important Identifying what success is to you, what you wish to achieve against the current market and all of the entities that in constant change in the market based on history and demographics. This step will reflect what you consider as success to be, i.e cash, shows, concerts, popularity, evaluating the influence of social media, influencing trends and there is also a significant pattern in ensuring your established success.

Stage five: Take action

If you've made it to this stage, here you will have time to start making music and start fine tuning your sound towards any audience you choose.

Example Plan

Step One: Set Targets + Goals for your music

  • Create me a body of work that encapsulates the message you decide to give people/consumers.

  • 1st single:

  • 2nd single:

  • EP

Step Two: Calculate a budget

  • Recording costs

  • Production costs

  • Music Videos

  • Platform subscriptions

  • Online promotion campaigns via social media

  • Radio plugging

  • PR

  • Live appearances

Step Three: Strategy

  • Sell music

  • Stream music

  • Library

Example Strategy:

Stage One: release previews on all socials - make short 1 minute vids for people to share.

Stage Two: Create a EPK a document that’s explain who you are as an artist to present to promotors and anyone who wants to know more about you.

Stage Three: Create an artist website (

Stage Four: Publish and release music on all platforms

Stage Five: film and complete visuals to match theme of the music

Stage Six: radio - contact all media promotion companies and list each, write and prepare introductory emails - send the important separately articulating your intentions

This is a clear guide to help aspiring artists understand the process of what they should really do to become an active contributor.

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