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Is Music Really a Therapy

Do you ever realise that making use of the words to express oneself is always a difficult task? Yes, it takes a lot of courage and strength to use the right kind of words to express yourself exactly in the right way. With the help of songs, musical improvisations, and games it becomes easier to connect and to express oneself.

Music has been a medium to express emotions and feelings for a very long time. It serves to be a very effective outlet for emotions but what we fail to realise is that it also helps in overcoming the physical challenges which are faced by humans. Researchers have proved that music functions to improve the immune system of the body and reduces stress. How? Because it makes us happy. This is the reason that music is associated with relaxation.

According to the study by JAMA Pediatrics in July 2013, 42 children went through a trial in which some of them were made to listen to music while an IV was inserted. It was inferred that children who were listening to music felt lesser pain. Also, administering the effects of IV were quite easier in these children because they responded well. This proved that while playing music, children can easily go through any kind of painful intervention by feeling less intensity of pain.

This does not only apply to the children but is also viable for the adults. Music therapists have played a vital role whenever a patient is diagnosed with a fatal illness. With the help of musical instruments, lyrical discussions, and even songwriting, it has become easier for the patients to accept their illness and to accepting the end-of-life phase.

Music is generated through vibration which itself tends to be a source of healing. The sound vibrations which are absorbed by the body tend to bring about the healing of various diseases and can help ease the symptoms of most of them. One such example is the Parkinson’s disease where the patient is required to lie on a mattress and the vibrations are generated through it bringing about the positive effects.

Music is always a source of happiness and brings back in people a motivation to lead a wonderful life. There are so many feelings and emotions which otherwise go wasted but can be easily expressed or understood with the help of music. Igniting the happy side of people always results in a relief from mental and physical ailments and also reduces any kind of stress or depression.

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